HTTL’s range of services include:

Full computer system sales, practical training and technical hotline, with optional weekend and out of hours support. On-site computer maintenance (same-day-next-day response) focused on Southeast England with spot contracts as far as Oldham in Greater Manchester

The services offered can be summarised as comprising:-

Stage One - Inspection

On-site inspection and review of the present environment to include an overview of any existing support agreements/warranties, key projects, purchase plans, support requirements and existing problems and client expectations.

In addition where required, an on-site audit and documentation of the present system configurations, set-up & layout, notation of any key performance and house keeping issues.

Prioritised project plan for implementation of any accepted recommendations for improvements.

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Stage Two - Ongoing service which will include: -

Regular review and tuning of the system, as and where necessary.

Hardware maintenance cover.

Software and Network support cover.

Provision of ongoing technical telephone support and/or full "help desk" facilities.

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Stage Three - Service option: -

Periodic review of hardware, network and operating system strategy.

Asset management (includes disposal).

Project management e.g. Hardware/ Software rollouts, Y2k and AntiVirus issues.

Quarterly or monthly detailed management reports (which can be customised to include).

Business Continuity Plan (Disaster recovery).

One-stop-IT shop services including office moves/relocation.

The initial review is seen as an opportunity for both parties to confirm that they can work together satisfactorily. Therefore proposals will for provision of the complete service as defined here, but nevertheless the customer has the right to withdraw from an ongoing commitment at any point during the initial phase.

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Typical Concerns we can offer immediate support on:

We can specifically address some of the following common concerns:-

Creation of a truly centralised or worldwide networks which allows maximum portability of users and equipment, with potential also for remote laptop access and increasing use of e-mail, without compromising system and data security

Full exploitation of Network functionality, compatible with the size and activity of the business

Routinely maintaining operating and office software at version levels that are up-to-date, yet fully proven

Maintaining an IT environment in which full advantage of emerging new technology can be taken, as and where appropriate.

Providing initial response to day-to-day operational problems and faults, and further remedial action, where necessary. This is undertaken within response times that are rapid, sustainable and consistently achieved

Technical support

Our Technical Scope includes: Windows NT Server & Workstation, HP/SCO Unix, AS/400, RISC, Novell NetWare, SQL Database, SNA, SMS Tools, MS Back Office, MS-Dos, Concurrent Dos, Turbo dos, COMMS, LANs, WANs, Microsoft Windows3.1/95/Workgroups and complete INTERNET (with growing Ecommerce) services and specialist practical training courses.

Product support 'Warranty & Guarantee Cover'

Non - Warranty and Warranty Authorised Repair centre.

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Sales Hardware & Software

Reseller/ Dealerships for: Hewlett Packard, Star, Minstrel Range, Samsung, Compaq, Epson, Kyocera, Fujitsu, along with all popular Laser Printers Mono/ Colour, Facsimile and Network Product Manufacturers.

Facilities management consultation, national office system moves and local re - locations. Site pre-work preparation, Hardware cleaning, Data backup, Disaster recovery, Rollout projects, ongoing Y2k and Virus checks.

We have our own full corporate Office Products and Supplies Catalogue containing over 7,000 products a guaranteed 92 per cent stock and next day delivery UK-wide - free delivery with volume.

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HTTL Courses

Microsoft Office Support
Windows 95
Windows NT4 Microsoft Project 98

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